“Before this reading, I was stuck, coming up against the same walls over and over! I love how Lex invited me to breathe into the moment so I could groove into the magic of the tarot medicine. It was so soothing to hear this channeled, loving wisdom. Also, the dive into the overall energies of the cards (numerology and the elements present) were an eye-opening lesson in the art of the Tarot as well. I feel like I took a breath of fresh air. Lex’s reading was so full of guidance, validation of the feelings I was scared to share and own for myself, and encouragement to create a healing reality with practical tips. Like the best therapy I’ve had. This reading allowed me to practice self-forgiveness and see that I’m still growing.” – G.

Before I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and unable to fully commit to what I knew would be helpful. Lex’s energy was so calming and grounding. Their approach made a lot of intuitive sense and the whole thing felt like a practice of unblocking me from getting in my own way. I also really appreciate that Lex brings a radical, liberation-focused, and nature-centered lens to magic. Afterwards, I felt a burst of energy that helped motivate me to do the thing I knew I needed to do. Lex didn’t ‘tell me what to do’ but rather removed barriers I had set against my intuition and the blocks that kept me from taking action to doing what I knew would best serve me. We came up with a practical ritual that I have been able to apply to my daily routine. It’s added an intentional dose of magic to my day and allowed me to write more, which was one of my main goals! I am feeling more aligned with my power.” – R.

Before the reading, I was feeling really anxious and uncertain about my path. I wasn’t sure about the progress I’d made or where to go from here. Now, I’m feeling much calmer and more supported. Everything I’m moving through is valid and real, and it’s also not a problem — it’s just part of the process. This reading has made it possible for me to move forward through this chaotic, but creatively rich, time in my life, supported in the knowledge that I am exactly where I am meant to be.” -D.

This reading opened my eyes to re-imagine the possibilities, opportunities and lessons available to me in this situation. It called me to take responsibility for my response and to decide what role I am going to play in the world. It empowered me to take confident action to share my vision with the world. And it gently reminded me how to comfort and ground myself when things get heavy. This reading meant the world to me and came just when I needed it. You really have a knack for channeling a clear, gentle and relatable message from the universe and holding space in a way that is empowering and empathetic. I appreciate the way you skillfully interwove the spiritual with the physical and my individual experience with the collective shifts going on. I am feeling a sense of clarity and purpose moving forward from this reading. I feel confident in my ability to grow through this situation and I feel centered in the knowledge that I am exactly where I am meant to be in life. I can understand the lessons that are available to me from this situation, the resources I can draw upon to help me get through it and how to use my specific skills and talents to affect the greater outcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ” -S.

“Before the reading, I felt conflicted. The reading was focused, your voice was very soothing and delivered the message I needed to hear in this time. The fact that you spoke to my reactionary stance really called me out, in the best way. Very, very, very on point. After the reading, I feel reassured that I can, and should, follow the plans that I have set out and see them through.  This reading drove home what I needed to hear and I feel absolutely equipped to take action in this.” -P.

“I love how you grounded the reading in the present and connected the different energies to each other. You helped me to see that where I’m coming from gives me advantages in dealing with a difficult situation, and how my way of handling a challenge might be different from others’. You validated feelings I was already having but also gave me some new ideas. I find myself turning back to the cards you pulled a month later and really able to use the medicine in your reading to move forward. It was also really nice to be able to get a reading from another non-binary person who understands chronic health issues. It meant I didn’t have to “interpret” the reading to make it match my situation. Just thank you so much!” -A.

“I loved that this reading didn’t provide THE ANSWER but instead gave me a series of questions to help me make up my own mind. It gave me agency instead of a false sense of certainty & that was exactly what I needed! Since my reading I’ve reconsidered what I thought I wanted & realized what truly aligns with me. I’ve made major strides in figuring out my next steps & feel confident in the direction I’m going. I feel so much clarity! THANK YOU for your help & for the work you do!” – E.

“My reading was very positive and affirming…I still have some doubts, which is natural, but feel better about understanding potential barriers to achieving my goals. The experience felt like a gentle nudge to follow my heart. My reading has given me the perspective to take action related to my question, and I feel much more empowered in my decision-making after my reading.  I also think the spread we used in particular was insightful and easy to understand/reflect upon. I liked the sort of visceral definition of each placement and how it related to my situation, and I think the spread was perfect for helping me explore my question and taking action! Everything about the experience felt very encouraging and right.” – K.

I have had a number of reading from other readers and you showed a depth of knowledge and application of cards to life that I had never experienced before. I am feeling much more confident. The reading helped me focus on the individual parts of my problem. By doing so, it helped me to see both the little pieces and helped me to commit to a viewpoint as the reading unfolded. I feel ready to take action in the area related to my question.” – B.