Roots, Seeds.

What stage are at you in your growth?

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Ready to grow your personal power in a supportive framework that centers your agency to take action and achieve your dreams?

Center in and nurture the source of your personal power. Our personal power is our birthright. It is deeply rooted within us. But sometimes, those roots are hard to find, or are withered. It is hard to take action, to actually do the thing that will move you towards your dreams. This world provides a barren environment for our sense of our own personal power. The good news is that like a garden, our personal power can be tended, nurtured, and grown.

  • If you have big dreams, but you struggle to take action to achieve them…
  • If you’re feeling disconnected from your autonomy – your ability to think, act, do, create in and for your own life…
  • If you don’t know how to connect with your own power and agency to take action in your life…

This reading is for you. This reading centers in the present moment, into the crux of time and agency that is the place from which we have the power to make choices in our lives and provides clarity around your situation, your dreams, desires, where you have power and where you can grow your personal power. This reading connects you to the seed of your personal power so that you can nurture it, grow it, and create change in your life. It provides an in-depth look at this moment, providing tools to cope with this moment and nurture your ability to act. Centered in the present moment you can make choices and take action; you can use your personal power to create positive, intentional change in your life.

  • 11-12 card, 1 hour tarot reading
  • Conducted over Zoom
  • $100


In need of some guidance back into your power?

Understand your present moment so you can move forward with a sense of clarity and empowerment. The present is the intersection of reality and your agency, the place where you can plant seeds of change and take intentional action. It can be hard to access. Sometimes you just need a snapshot, a mirror, to reflect back to you your situation. So that you can see your present moment. To show you what you’re not seeing. We all have our blind spots and blocks and hangups. And sometimes all that gets in the way.


  • If all the baggage feels a bit too heavy…
  • If you’re getting in your own way and can’t seem to get out of it…
  • If you need just a gentle nudge back into your power and back on your way to your dreams…


This is the reading for you. This 3-card reading exemplifies the simple and powerful reflective nature of the tarot to provide clarity that allows you to move forward with action and nurture your personal power. A Seeds reading will give you an overview of where you are in relation to a particular situation and your personal power in this moment, helping you to understand your present and how you can nurture your power in the moment, enabling you to move forward and take action with a sense of clarity and empowerment.


  • 3-card, recorded reading
  • Recording will be emailed to you within 5 days of purchase
  • $25