I followed “the rules” once.

Get good grades. Don’t talk like a hick. Don’t let anyone know you’re queer. Get a degree in something useful.

And it pulled me farther and farther from who I was, who I wanted to be, who I was meant to be. It pulled me away from my roots. I moved across the country, leaving my home and my family. I got degrees in physics and mechanical engineering. I quit making music and writing poetry. 

And as I got further and further from my roots, I became increasingly powerless to act within my own life.

Tarot was the tool that brought me back to myself. Out of my high-flying career track, back to my home state, back to my working class, Rustbelt/Appalachian roots, creating, living, and taking aligned action.

When I was at my most paralyzed, my desperate hands reached out for a tool I was introduced to in my childhood: the tarot. This system of 78 cards, impossibly mystical to me when I first encountered it at 10 years old, grounded me, brought me into and down through myself. To the place where I held my power over my own life. I was finally able to take the steps, to make the choices, to change my life for the better, to live my dreams.

I re-wove my connection to the root of my own power, my ability to take radical and joyous action for the better. I rewrote the rules that kept me small. Now I want to help you to rewrite your rules and re-weave your connection to the inherent power that is your birthright so that you can plant seeds of change and take intentional action to achieve your dreams!.

I’m Lex (They/Them). I am a chronically-ill, neurodivergent, radical, queer mystic living in the Great Black Swamp (traditional lands of the Miami, Potawatomi, and Peoria). I use tarot and intuitive channeling to help you center in the present – the intersection of reality and agency – to find your personal power so that you can plant seeds of change and take the kind of intentional action you need to achieve your dreams!

I love writing and reading words, long walks, animism and talking to my plants, lifting heavy things, gardening, community organizing, cooking meals and making puns. I have studied Spiritwork with Ren Zatopek, tarot with Lindsay Mack, Tess Giberson, and Erin Aquarian, and ancestral reverence with Olivia Pepper. I’m a Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon, Sagittarius rising.